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Meet Sales Nitro™.

Experience the power of intelligent account-based marketing.

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Wasting resources on unresponsive leads is a thing of the past. Achieve the best marketing outcomes with our state-of-the-art data analytics technology.
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AI driven ABM platform

Stay ahead of the sales game with Sales Nitro™.

Our proprietary AI-driven, data-driven platform is designed to make the best use of our trusted 1st party data. We developed Sales Nitro™ when we saw a definite need in the industry for truly powerful intent-based ABM.

With our intuitive technology, we identify high-quality prospects for your business using intelligent lookalike modeling and psychological profiling capabilities.

Changing The ABM Playbook With Next-Level Intent Data
At Think ABM, we believe in the power of data. This is why we enrich our 1st party database with contact level and account level intent data for programmatic ABM personalization.
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Account Level Intent Data
Our specialized 1st party database provides vital information such as company size, industry, and competitive landscape. Use this data to improve your ABM campaigns and identify active players for your in-market solutions.
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Contact Level Intent Data
On the contact level, we segment our trusted 1st party data into such categories as job title and role, psychological traits, demographics, and online activity, to help you target decision makers and close sales faster.

Psychological Profiling

Leverage the power of knowledge. Truly knowing your prospects is now possible with Sales Nitro’s™ psychological profiling capabilities.

Here at Think ABM, we strongly believe that selling is not one-size-fits-all. Each of your ideal prospects has unique interests and makes decisions differently from others.

How Psychographics Works

Data Collection

We start by collecting public content from the social profiles of leads found in our specialized database.

Personality Traits

We calculate semantic similarities between the information in our database and the social media profiles. We then select the most likely-to-be candidates and extract their data and a number of their latest public posts.

Persona Modeling

We leverage the power of AI, Deep Learning, and natural language processing by using Word Embeddings and Support Vector Machines approach to extract psychological trait markers from leads’ public posts such as openness, agreeableness, and emotional stability.

Psychographic Profiles

Our AI-powered engine identifies various topics leads have engaged with and hobbies or interests they have demonstrated on their social media posts. This helps to further segment prospects, predict their personality types, and personalize their buyer’s journey.

Lookalike Modelling - execute your ABM campaigns with precision.

With Think ABM’s lookalike modeling capabilities, we identify high-quality prospects that mirror the characteristics of your ideal prospects.

Our exceptionally large 1st party database of open contacts allows us to find the right audiences that reflect the benchmark characteristics of your buyer personas such as job function, budget, and industry, before passing them to your team for the close.

How Lookalike Modelling Works
Step 1

Our Database

We assess our 1st party leads with additional data fields.
Step 2

Website Scraping

We use advanced technology to scrape content on corporate websites.
Step 3

Lookalike Modeling

Our team builds two lookalike models: company and lead.
Step 4

Data Extraction

We extract data from scraped content using NLP and Deep Learning algorithms based on various characteristics provided.
Step 5

Database Enrichment

We work with enriched data and extract high-quality leads using our semantic search engine, before passing them to you.
Sales Nitro™ combines personality traits to obtain mindset personas
Whether you’re interacting with a risk taker, a socializer, an inspiration seeker, a conservative, or an innovative leader, these are monumental insights about your prospects can help you to shorten the sales cycle, personalize marketing campaigns, and dramatically improve your conversion rates.
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8 Mindset Personas

Pinpoint your ideal targets and bring them into your pipeline.

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