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Think ABM helps businesses unleash their sales potential by providing qualified leads and targeted customer profiling using the power of AI and Machine Learning.
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Meet Our Team
Get to know the faces behind our success - the extraordinary individuals who drive our vision
Shiksha Tripathi
Founder & CEO
Shiksha Tripathi
Managing Director
Cathy Radcliffe
Global SVP Sales
JP Rinylo
think AMB worker
VP Growth & Strategy
Christian Iachini
Director, Global Agency Parterships
Kyle Christiansen
Martina Sainter
Head of Sales, EMEA
Martina Sainter
Ayoub Merali
VP Client Strategy & Development
Ayoub Merali
Mark Koladycz
Regional Business Director of North America
Mark Koladycz
Account Director
Jessica Campo
Esto Vazquez
Strategic Account Director
Esto Vazquez
Brian McNease
Senior Director,Ad Operations
Brian McNease
Francisco Castro Bernhard
Global Campaign & Client Success Manager
Francisco Castro Bernhard
Akanksha Tripathi
Director, Account Operations
Akanksha Tripathi
Senior Account Director
Alex Spillios
Shailendra Mishra
Manager, Operations
Shailendra Mishra
Suneetha Mula
Campaign Manager
Suneetha Mula
ABM woman
Senior Campaign Manager
Sristy Malunavar
Von Flores
Account Manager
Von Flores
Director Customer Success, North America
Dennis Palma
Senior Client Success Manager
Jake Nordman
Finance Assistant
Sally Freeman
Software Engineer
Sandhya Rani
Maintain a high-quality funne
Our Purpose & Mission
Our life-long purpose is simple: to make marketing and sales teams excited about data.
We strive to provide intelligent solutions that put data analytics at the heart of decision-making for businesses around the globe.
To run campaigns, Think ABM only utilizes its 1st party specialized database.
All campaigns are executed from our owned and operated operational centers.
Campaigns can be run in any language.
Compliance with GDPR and CCPA is maintained throughout the lead generation and data handling processes.
Every lead is thoroughly checked before delivery through our "3 Steps Quality Control" process.
We employ a guaranteed leads model, no surprises and full budget control policies.

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