Discover Think ABM’s intelligent data to enhance your lead-targeting efforts.

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Accelerate your pipeline and revenue growth, and implement effective go-to-market strategies using the right kind of data solutions.
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With Think ABM data solutions, you can:
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ABM and intent-to-purchase lists.
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the psychological traits of your leads using our psychological profiling capabilities via Sales Nitro™ technology.
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custom and dynamic ABM lists by licensing our data.
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Introducing Sales Nitro™

Learn how Sales Nitro™, Think ABM’s proprietary AI-driven technology, helps our customers to achieve the best marketing results using psychological profiling and look-a-like modeling features.

1st Party Data Intent Solutions

Our 1st party data intent engine is designed to help you drive higher revenues and better conversions. We deploy our specialized publisher network and an expert in-house research team to provide you with relevant prospects that are ready to buy.

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According to the theory of Robert Resenthal, author of Optimarketing, about how individuals' personalities influence their purchasing decisions, Think ABM uses psychological profiling via Sales Nitro™ to enhance your targeting and insights.
How we provide Intent Data Solutions using Sales Nitro™:
Step 1:
We collect your content like whitepapers, articles, reports, and other assets.
Step 2:
We distribute your content to highly-interested leads in our 1st party database.
Step 3:
Our powerful CTAs compel prospects to take the next steps.
Step 4:
Sales Nitro™ tags buying intent.
Step 5:
Our AI-powered engine builds psychological profiles.
Step 6:
We take full ownership of the ABM programs, so your team can focus on lead acquisition.
Step 7:
We deliver character profiles and highly-qualified leads to your team.
Our 4-step methodology:


We identify leads with a high probability to take interest in your in-market solution.


We extensively profile their psychological traits.


We use artificial intelligence to extract psychological trait markers, followed by persona modeling.


The enriched, aggregated data is stored in the GDPR-compliant database and then passed to your team.

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